Everyone should come to the Basque country at least once to feel the movement. It’s unbelievable – even if it is gentle, it is continuous. Here everything moves, all the time.

It’s the way life is here. Minds bubble with too much life to settle for even an instant.

There is movement on the water, as the ocean waves remind us, and surfers make the most of it! Swimmers too – swimming is more fun when the water moves up and down. 

Like the people, nature has character here. Coastal paths, hills, forests, valleys and steep mountains are an invitation to walkers. Or horse riders, if you want a view from higher up. Or mountain bikers, for an adrenalin rush. Choose your own pace, as long as you move.

The constant desire for adrenalin is exhilarating. The environment certainly has something to do with it. It’s like a drug; you can’t resist it. 

Discovering the cliffs of the Abbadia estate becomes even more exciting in a sea kayak, and admiring a 360° view of the Pyrenees is more original from a fairway. 

Ladies and gentlemen, get moving!