First of all, there are the mountains. Right down in the south, comfortably settled. Stuck to Spain. And then, a stone’s throw away, the ocean.

Sudden, almost unexpected, but so beautiful. Lined with sandy beaches, vertiginous cliffs, pretty bays and sometimes wild inlets. 

Between these two is all the rest, subtly laid out to perfect the décor: the resort towns that originated the fashion for sea bathing, the towns of the corsairs and whale hunters, and the most individual of them all, which displays 2000 years of history. 

Further on, the sacred villages of the interior, red as hot peppers or green as the surrounding landscapes. Between the villages are the rolling hills, scattered with flocks of sheep. 

And between the hills, ancient forests that play with the constantly shifting light, influenced by the ocean. Through the middle flow rivers. Gracious, naturally.

And finally, there are men. And women. Varied and contrasting like the landscapes they inhabit, but always harmonious. In short, an impressive concentration but perfectly balanced, with the refinement of discreet elegance.

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La Cité de l'Océan

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