Don’t be surprised if you meet a barefoot surfer in the centre of Biarritz, or a white bear in a swimming costume.

Or if you see a pelotari (Basque pelota player) hitting a ball against a wall with his bare hands, dressed elegantly in a white polo shirt and creased trousers. 

If you venture on to the paths that cross the mountains, you are perhaps more likely to meet a shepherd. Or a family of pottoks, small wild Basque horses. They live up there in harmony with the sheep, vultures, Santiago pilgrims and ridge runners.

The town and country are similar in that you can come across many sometimes exotic people in both. During the intensity of a festive celebration, for example, or on the green of a golf course chosen for its character. 

That’s the Basque country – a small territory, but big encounters. An eclectic little bit of paradise that knows how to welcome visitors and share its passions and life experiences. Here, as elsewhere, the generations come together and lifestyles cohabit in a perfect balance in the image of the country’s landscapes.

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