From tapas to Michelin stars

The flavour of delicious dishes sets the rhythm for the life of the country.

As the end of the morning approaches we start looking at the time, already in epicurean mode. We thought we would have lunch on the go, with a sea view. (It’s the ocean here, but we always call it the sea. One of our little habits.) We sample a few pintxos or snacks, like our Spanish cousins on the other side of the border. 

At the end of the day this culinary effervescence overtakes us again. That’s what always happens when you have booked a good restaurant. Our eyes sparkle just from reading the menu. We’ll have to come back; we can’t taste everything tonight. 

We select a seat on the terrace, where it’s still warm. We drink in the surroundings, and when the griddled squid arrives our taste buds dive straight into the ocean. How do Michelin-starred chefs manage to make simple produce taste so good? 

When the meal is over, it’s time for a glass of wine and perhaps an improvised discussion with other travellers or locals. If we have to choose, we’ll go to the Hétéroclito and sit on the little wall overlooking the sea. And we’ll tell each other how happy we are to be there.

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