Basque creation

Places that inspire so many artists are rare.

In the Basque country, minds are constantly in movement, rather like the ocean. This is doubtless what they have in common: the need to assert their personality. It’s not surprising that the audacious Coco Chanel felt at home in Biarritz.

But the same is true further inland. This is where the Ona Tiss family began to make their looms sing in 1948. Their treasure: chic, refined Basque fabrics that leapt on to the front pages of the decorating magazines. 

The generations pass but the activity remains the same. Only the creations evolve, often guided by fashion, to create exceptional new products. Like the makila, which can’t be bought – it can only be presented by someone close to you. 

If you have the opportunity, get someone to buy you one of these craft treasures: a deep red pot with contemporary lines from Goicoechea, a beautiful leather piece from Laffargue or, the height of refinement, a piece of designer furniture from the Alki oak collection. Choose between Laia, Makil or Kimua. 

The Basque country, a fearless land where innovation and creation build on the inheritance of the ancients… Everything starts with centuries-old expertise which the young local creative scene is keen to revisit. This is the trend behind a new kind of shopping made in the Basque country like the “Martines”, which were nomadic, temporary sales.

Cercle des Créateurs basques (Sujet France 3 samedi 7 février 2015)

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