Euskara, the Basque language

Euskara is a language like no other.

It now seems very likely that the Basque language dates back to prehistoric times. 

The language began to be known beyond the Basque countryin the Middle Ages. Pilgrims travelling to Santiago de Compostela had to pass through the Basque country. 

A brief glossary of the most common words was created in about 1134. In 1570, Jeanne d’Albret translated the New Testament into Basque. 

As the centuries passed, evolving methods of communication and the mixing of populations led to a sharp drop in the use of the Basque language. 

Today, thanks to the determination of many associations and individuals, interest in Basque is growing once more among new generations. 

There are currently about 700,000 Basque speakers in the Basque country: 150,000 in the French northern provinces and 550,000 in the Spanish south.

A few words in Basque

Egun on (egoun on): hello - Arratsalde on (aratchaldéon): good afternoon 
Gau on (gaoon): good evening, good night - Ikus arte (iqouch arté): goodbye 
Milesker (milechquer): thank you - Barkatu (barcatou): excuse me 
Plazer baduzu (plasser badoussou): please - Bai (baï): yes - Ez (es): no

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