If we had to choose a single word to characterise the art and culture of the Basque country, it would doubtless be Confluences.

Confluence of rivers, of course, but also of cultures. Those that have always been there and have forged the history of this little scrap of land; those of our origins, emerging from mixtures. 

Mixtures of arts and artists, from Black & Basque rock to independent film-making, from ballet to ancient masquerade. Examples are the Basque trio Kalakan, who impressed Madonna with sixteenth-century Basque texts with contemporary accents, and the graceful choreography of Thierry Malandain’s ballets

With perfectly controlled subtlety, artists create and recreate, invent and reinvent. Openness to the world results in a constantly shifting creativity, drawing its inspiration from the deep roots of several millennia, with just as much modernity as necessary. 

Visit the Musée Basque et de l’Histoire de Bayonne (Basque and Bayonne history museum) to gain a better understanding of our culture and discover the mysteries of the language. The Basque language is beautiful. We call it Euskara. Its uniqueness stimulates the flame of artists who play with the language without ever distorting it. 

Dive in, and you won’t be able to resist !

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Aux nacres de Téthys - Atelier de Perles Simon et Simon