Whatever the weather, whatever the season, in the Basque country everything fizzes. Minds, hearts, villages, chocolate, jacuzzis with sea views and of course the ocean.

A strange force takes hold of you when you’re in the Basque country. It can’t be described – it’s like magic. It just has to be experienced. The senses are fired up totally naturally. 

Tasting the Espelette hot pepper, of course, at the Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port market, or sampling a little glass of sangria at the Halles in Bayonne, by the Nive, on Sunday morning; and no doubt also because the Basque songs improvised by the Kantalasai will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

It is perhaps the instantaneous quality shared by the locals. It is something inside them, like a contagious energy. Invite yourself to a rugby derby, and you will be surprised by the intensity of the experience. Bright red or sky blue, choose your side!

Incandescent pelota matches, mountain races along the ridges, take-offs on the waves along the coast: this frenzy never leaves them. A perfect fusion with an environment simply made for enjoyment.

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